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DeHamer Landscaping Warranty

This warranty (the “Warranty”) is provided by DeHamer Landscaping (referred to as the “Contractor”) to the property owner or client (referred to as the “Client”) and is applicable to the landscaping services performed by the Contractor on the property specified in the Project Proposal or Agreement.

1. Warranty Period:

The Contractor warrants all workmanship and materials used in the landscaping project for a period of 1 year, unless otherwise stated below, from the date of completion (the “Warranty Period”). This Warranty is valid provided that the Client has made full and timely payment for the services rendered by the Contractor.

2. Scope of Warranty:

During the Warranty Period, the Contractor guarantees that the landscaping services provided, including but not limited to planting, irrigation, hardscape installations, and other related works, shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If any issues arise due to faulty workmanship or materials during the Warranty Period, the Contractor will rectify the problem promptly and at no additional cost to the Client.

Specific Material and Service Scope and Details:

  1. Plant Material (Trees, Shrubs, Perennials)

On plant material installed by Contractor, there is a 1 year, 100% warranty. 

  1. Irrigation System

The system and controller have a 1 year, 100% warranty. 

  1. Lawn

The seed has a 100% warranty through its first 6 weeks. After the 6-week period is up, we will be handing the responsibly of yard maintenance over to, you, the Client. Once the seed has established itself, the only real threat is over/under-watering. If fertilization program is purchased, lawn warranty may be extended. 

If there is washout from rain, please contact us, and we will come out to see how the issue can be resolved. (Note: Washout due to weather is not warrantied if drain tile has not been installed.)

3. Exclusions:

This Warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by accidents, negligence, misuse, or improper maintenance by the Client or third parties.
  • Damage caused by acts of nature, including but not limited to floods, storms, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.
  • Changes in the landscape due to the natural growth of plants, trees, or shrubs.
  • Damage caused by pests or diseases, unless the Contractor is responsible for ongoing maintenance services as per the Agreement.
  • If you choose not to provide a parcel survey and/or get your property lines staked out by a third party surveyor, the Contractor is not responsible for placing material and/or irrigation lines/heads on your property.  If any of the installed materials need to be moved in the future, the Contractor is not liable to warranty these installed materials or service and additional service fees and rates will apply. 

4. Client’s Responsibilities:

To maintain the validity of this Warranty, the Client agrees to:

  • Properly maintain the landscaped area, including regular watering, pruning, and other necessary care as advised by the Contractor.
  • Promptly notify the Contractor in writing of any issues covered under this Warranty during the Warranty Period.

5. Claim Process:

If the Client believes there is a defect covered by this Warranty, the Client must notify the Contractor in writing within a reasonable period after discovering the issue. The client may be asked to fill out a warranty claim form and provide pictures or videos. The Contractor will assess the situation and, if the claim is valid, make the necessary repairs or replacements promptly.

6. Transferability:

This Warranty is not transferable. 

7. Governing Law:

This Warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Michigan and the United States, and any disputes related to this Warranty shall be resolved in the appropriate courts of that jurisdiction.