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About DeHamer Landscaping

DeHamer began over 50 years ago as a full-service garden center and landscaping company. Today, DeHamer Landscaping continues its passion for both the products and the finished landscape as one of the best full-service landscape contractors serving homeowners, builders and commercial clients in West Michigan. Our goal is to make the process of designing, installing, and maintaining your landscape as simple as possible.


DeHamer Landscaping, Grandville, MI
DeHamer Landscaping, DeHamer Difference

At DeHamer Landscaping we believe that people matter as reflected in our Mission [What we do], our Vision [our Why] and our Values [Who we are becoming]. We hold firm that these are a crucial part of day-to-day work and hold us accountable to where we are headed!

Our Mission:

A team focused on sharpening each other in order to serve our customers with excellence.

Our Vision:

Empower everyone we meet to build better lives in order to reflect God’s beauty throughout the world.

Our Values:
DeHamer Landscaping Values

Michigan Landscapers

Michigan landscapers Wade and Dustin Vugteveen, DeHamer Landscaping owners and brothers, put their trust in their employees, their equipment, and each other.

I guess my passion is a happy customer. When I get to walk through a job at the end … the grass is growing, trees are beautiful, flowers are flowering, everything is great and the customer is really happy … that’s what I’m passionate about.– Dustin Vugteveen

We have a great team of people. At the end of the day, the fact that there’s 30 great people that show up here everyday that we have the honor of managing … that’s a huge deal to us. – Wade Vugteveen