It’s a new day; birds are chirping, dew glistens off the fresh cut blades of grass, and the morning light is dancing through your landscape. Well, maybe it isn’t exactly as wonderful as you would like or as the above description implies. What is more likely is that the grass wasn’t cut very well, it’s cloudy (let’s face it, that’s Michigan), and a bird pooped on your car. We can help resolve…one of those things. 

While quarantined we created a series of videos on instagram on how to reset your lawn and help it flourish in these warmer months. We’re coming out of the gate swinging and we hope you will too. The best way to do so is to get out and start problem solving:

1. Check up on your lawn

Firstly, take note of any dead spots, and follow the tips that Craig and Chris give out in their videos. These videos illustrate great ways to get your lawn to spring back up after the colder weather.

2. Trim back plants

Secondly, Wade shows us how to spruce up our grass, trees, and other small plants in his videos. Follow his instruction to ensure that your plants come in and bud beautifully this year. 

3. Turn on your irrigation system:

Lastly, keeping your lawn well hydrated is an important step in maintaining a vibrant landscape. Adam walks through how to turn on irrigation systems in preparation for this new season.

If you’re looking to start your landscape all together, then we recommend filling out this form. Of course, you can always contact us via phone as well. You’ve got options when it comes to your lawn and landscape with Dehamer, see our policy here.

We are up and running after being declared an “Essential Business”, and we wanted to make sure you have what you need to help your landscape succeed. We are picking up jobs that were paused by the governor’s order which makes the first week back busy and exciting. Many people are anxious about their lawn and we totally understand. After all, it is shorts and t-shirt weather (54 and windy) in the mitten state and everyone wants to be outside. Therefore, we encourage you to call or submit an online form soon, as our schedule is filling up for the season.

As we get started, we are looking forward to helping you with your landscaping projects this year.