In this unprecedented time dealing with COVID-19, social distancing, and the statewide protocols that come with such territory many businesses have had to make changes in daily work habits. The driving factor in how businesses operate was dictated by where they fell between two categories: essential or non-essential.

Unfortunately, we have not been deemed to be fully “Essential” yet. But we are making progress with our lawn care services as the weather warms, grass grows, and plants begin budding. Many of us are looking for more reasons to get outside and enjoy the atmosphere of pure Michigan, but we have been hindered by the stay home protocols. Well, what now? Many businesses have transitioned to having as many people work from home as possible and we are no different. We are sending fewer people into the offices, sanitizing every piece of equipment before and after using it, and conducting estimates over the phone and internet. The shutdown was unexpected and we are doing our best to finalize/reschedule jobs that were in progress. We are updating those who had scheduled their landscaping to be completed during this time.

We found out quickly that there are easy steps anyone can take to boost their productivity while working from home. Here are a few resources that have helped us keep our team together in this time of uncertainty:

Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is a video conferencing app that allows teams to meet from separate locations. It helps us to maintain a semi-regular schedule by creating a digital office space so we can maintain a connection to coworkers, display our projects, and receive assignments from management. We meet almost every week day to go over accomplished tasks from the previous day and goals for the day. Making the transition between office to home work space has been simplified with Zoom. It even allows us to conduct our digital book club with the the next resource.


Audible is one of the best ways to get audiobooks direct from Amazon. We use audible to read books on leadership and management like our current read,”The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. This app has made it simple to get everyone on the same page and digest this book. Going through literature in unison has been a great experience. We encourage you to do it with your team. Audible contains a free trial, so you can try it out without getting immediately invested. Try it before you buy it!

Chrome Remote Desktop

With this simple plugin, you can control a host PC from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access. The downside is that this only works when connecting a windows machine to other windows machines. Our sales team has been using Chrome remote desktop for a few weeks and the only issue they have found is that working from a single laptop screen can be difficult when our work machines use 2-4 monitors each. Since the laptop can only display one or all monitors at a time they must choose between having a few smaller screens or shuffling between a single screen. Overall, Google Chrome Remote Desktop will allow us to use our work machines without moving mass amounts of content and accounts to our laptops while we work from home.

We look forward to servicing your lawn and landscape in full force once the stay home order is lifted. We hope that in this meantime you remain safe and healthy. Some of the resources above may even help you to become even more productive while you work from home.