Have you been looking to add some variation to your landscape along with some shade? The Clump River birch is an interesting tree that may fix the bill here.


With a light tan hue to the bark that grows and peels back, it creates a lighter touch for your landscaping while retaining a deeply natural feel. Additionally, with the deciduous nature of the birch tree, you will see a loss of leaves in the fall and before then they can get a more yellow tint to the leaves themselves making an appealing scene for most landscapes. When winter in Michigan inevitably rolls around, the Clump River Birch still shines with some winter interest. Contrasting the dark brown and light tan colors of the bare trunk with bright snowfall sets your landscaping apart.


These tree’s have been very popular for many of our new landscapes for a few reasons. With a larger root system these trees do well in wet areas that get full sun. Since these trees grow large relatively quickly (40′-70’x40′-60′) they can act as a wind break in some cases. If you are at risk of experiencing erosion, the river birch may be able to help reduce or stop that. These trees are native to (you guessed it) river banks, which makes them excellent at erosion prevention. It can also work well in soils that are too acidic for other hardwoods.

For these reasons, we find the Clump River Birch to be a fantastic tree for most landscapes. It stand out and serves several purposes all at once. Finally, When you consider your next landscaping project we encourage you to consider the River Birch. We have a few varieties as far as height goes, so if you would like to start at a certain height then chances are we can help you out. Be sure to give us a call if you have any new projects you would like to discuss (616)532-0645.