We hope these resources will be helpful for you during and after your landscape is installed.

Bulk Products and Pricing Per Yard

Colored Enhanced Bark Mulch

Colors: Brown and Black – $28.95/yd

Premium Mulch

Premium Hardwood Natural Bark Mulch – $24.95/yd

Topsoil, Compost & Play Sand

Topsoil (Screened) – $21.95/yd
Play Sand – $25.95/yd

Stones & Chips

1” Crushed River Rock Stone – $44.95/yd
1”-2” Round River Rock Stone – $39.95/yd
Grey Slate Scape – $174.95/yd
Chips & Dust – Ideal for under patio stones or driveways – $44.95/yd

Landscape Care Instructions

Patios, walls and hardscapes

Most popular products!

Small Projects and upkeep

Often times our schedule does not allow us to complete small projects like spreading bark each year or planting a new tree. In those cases we recommend the following partners: Priest Enterprises – (616) 662-1683